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Parque Cristobal in Playa de las Americas

Jan 7th 2019, 7:43 pm
Posted by diancollin
hoteles en lanzaroteAfter driving across the Pyrenees Mountains for the I’ve changed scenery and have gone to the Canary Islands week. I’ve been in the area of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Los Angeles Graciosa and Tenerife and you will be on La Gomera and Los Angeles Palma week that is next. Thus far it's been great with amazing climate.

We recognize that many people have no clue where they Canary Islands are or much about them, therefore I figured it was time for another installment of "8 Facts you may Not Have Known…"
1) these people were maybe not known as after canary wild birds.

The islands were not named after canaries, the cute, chirping birds despite the name. It comes down through the word that is latin dog, "canaria". One story is the fact that whenever a number of the first Europeans arrived, they found large dogs on the island of Grand Canary. In reality, they might not really be called after dogs at all, but rather after seals which used to inhabit the island, that the Romans called "sea dogs".
2) It's the highest point in Spain.

Despite obtaining the Pyrenees hills in its country, the point that is highest in Spain is in the area of Tenerife. El Teide is 3,718m (12,198ft) high. There are various other tall peaks in the Canaries also including Roque de Los Muchachos on the area of Los Angeles Palma 2,400 m (7,874 ft). This hill is of note since it is home to 1 regarding the largest collection of astronomical telescopes in the world, including the world’s biggest telescope, the 10.4m Gran Telescopio Canarias. Its high mountains that are volcanic sit above the clouds causes it to be similar to the observing conditions you can find in Mona Kea in Hawaii.
3) the Civil that is spanish War here.

At the outbreak associated with Spanish Civil War in 1936, Francisco Franco was the overall Commandant associated with Canaries, headquartered in Las Palmas, on Grand Canary area. He and his minions plotted their strategy here into the Canaries, away from mind and sight associated with the remainder of Spain, before moving to your continent.
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Tenerife provided the resistance that is toughest to the Spaniards. In May 1493 de Lugo landed on Tenerife, together with 1000 infantry soldiers and a cavalry of 150, among them Guanches from Gran Canaria and Los Angeles Gomera.

The spaniards fortified their positions and attempted talks with several of the nine menceys, managing to win over those of Güímar and Anaga in the ensuing months. Bencomo, mencey of Tahoro and sworn enemy regarding the invaders, ended up being clear on the help of at the least three other menceys, while the staying three wavered.

Within the springtime associated with the year that is following de Lugo sent a column westwards. This proved an emergency. Bencomo ended up being waiting in ambush into the Barranco de Acentejo ravine. The Spanish force ended up being decimated at a spot now called La Matanza de Acentejo (Slaughter of Acentejo). De Lugo then thought better of this operation that is whole left Tenerife.

By the end of the year he had been back once again to practice the next battle that is major of campaign – at La Laguna on 14 November 1494. Right here he'd greater success, nevertheless the Guanches were far from beaten and de Lugo fell back again to Santa Cruz. A plague known as the modorra began to ravage the island at the beginning of the New Year. It scarcely seemed to affect the Spaniards but soon took a toll that is serious the Guanches.

On 25 December 1494, 5000 Guanches under Bencomo had been routed within the second battle associated with Acentejo. The spot, only a kilometres that are few of Los Angeles Matanza, is still called Los Angeles Victoria (Victory) today. The diseased and demoralised Guanches were in no state to resist by the following July, when de Lugo marched into the Valle de la Orotava to confront Bencomo’s successor, Bentor.

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